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Private Corporate/Workplace Hypnosis Sessions
Health and wellness sessions are now an important part of human resource programs because companies recognize that employee health is a key ingredient of any successful enterprise. Through the expert skills of a leading consulting hypnotist, Tina Pineiro, the incredibly effective tool of hypnosis can be brought into your company or small group.

What Can Your Hypnosis Sessions Be Used For?

  • Stress Management
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Weight Reduction
  • Public Speaking
  • Confidence
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Corporate/Workplace Wellness Program
Experiencing hypnosis with colleagues at work can increase individual success rates because lifestyle changes are contagious! Being around people who are losing weight makes you want to lose weight too. Success is sweeter when it's shared with others. And organizing a wellness hypnosis program for your company, co-workers or other work group is a great way to invest in health, pay lower insurance premiums and save money with group hypnosis discount packages.

Investing in improved employee health and wellness can:
•Increase your bottom line
•Enhance Productivity
•Improve Morale
•Reduce turnover and training costs
•Reduce Absenteeism

•Lower Medical Claims
•Reduce Stress

•Create a smooth workflow
•Increase recruitment, retention and loyalty
•Enhance Corporate Reputation

Employee health investments have been solidly proven to directly increase the bottom line! Now that's a win-win prospect: you win and your employees win.

Who pays for the hypnosis session?

You decide.  You can pay  in full for your employees or you can require them to for the session partially or in full. 

What if our employee requires more than one session?

Those that require more than one session can be accommodated on another day in your location or can visit our office.  In some cases, they can also have a phone session. 

THESE SESSIONS ARE SCHEDULED AT YOUR LOCATION. We require an adequate space that is relatively free of noise and distractions. Payment is due  one week prior to the scheduled date if paying by check or credit card. Increase your bottom line by contacting us today by calling (800) 827-0339.

Your Location Fees:

$150 Initial Session (1 1/2 hours)

$120 Subsequent Sessions (1 hour)

Don't have space at your location or time during the work day?

Your employees can still benefit!  When your Human Resource department contacts us to include you on our corporate list, then your employees will enjoy a 20% discount when they attend sessions in Honesdale, PA.

Contact Information:

800 827 0339 or 570 352 3048

Hypnosis....for a better you!
For locations more than three hours from our location, please call for pricing and minimum session requirements.  Depending upon the location and time of year, there may be additional costs for travel expenses.  Please call for your specific dates and times.

Support your employees in their self-improvement goals.  Schedule individual private hypnosis sessions at YOUR location (or ours for local clients).  Your company benefits and so does your employee.

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