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Personal Growth Workshop

Two Day Workshop:  Saturday and Sunday, June 24 & 25, 2017

Facilitator:  Tina Pineiro, CI, Reiki Master

A truly unique and educational workshop for connecting with your higher self and gaining clarity.  You will experience meditations, hypnosis, healing and self-awareness exercises that will change how you view yourself and the world.  If you are interested in personal growth as an individual or a practitioner, you will enjoy this two-day workshop.

  • Develop clarity of purpose
  • Strengthen your self-confidence
  • Discover your limiting beliefs/habits
  • Release negative emotions
  • Establish Your Goals
  • Pursue happiness
  • Find Inner Peace
  • Manifest your desires

Weather permitting, you will spend time outdoors hiking and meditating.  The connection with natural surroundings will enhance your experience.  We will pursue activities that will open your mind to self-awareness and personal growth.

You will experience:

  • Chakra Healings
  • Sensory Exercises
  • Self-Examination Exercises
  • Multiple Hypnosis Sessions
  • Mindful Meditations
  • Creative Visualizations
  • Artistic Mediums of Expression
  • Hiking & Nature (weather permitting)
  • Love of self and others

There is no other workshop like ours that combines meditation, art, hypnosis, Reiki and nature for self-awareness and mental clarity so that you can pursue your personal goals and live the life you desire.  Expert instructor, Tina Pineiro, will facilitate, teach and guide our workshop and your personal journey. 

Self-Awareness & Growth Two Day Workshop Fee:  $249* when paid in advance

*Workshop fee is $299 cash at the door.

To sign up please call 800 827 0339.

Self Awareness & 

​​Tina Pineiro