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Self-Directed Courses:  Our self-improvement workshops are online and self-directed.  You take our combination hypnosis and life coaching workshop when you have time and in the comfort of your home or office.  Each course has at least one recording to download for your self-improvement topic.

Overcoming Anxiety

Stress Management

Triathletes Trio

Learn Self-Hypnosis

Public Speaking

Learning & Memory

Exercise Motivation

Test Anxiety


Nail Biting

Self Confidence

Sleep Better

Visualization & Guided Imagery

$49 for each online course topic

Self-Improvement Topic

Recordings:  MP3 recordings delivered to your mailbox.  Each MP3 hypnosis recording has multiple self-improvement topics.

Guided Imagery

Extreme Self Confidence

Sleep NOW

Exercise in your sleep

Stop Eating Sweets

Accept Love

Blaming Others

Fear of Failure

Fear of Success

Drink Less Wine

$15 per MP3 recording

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