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Each of us creates our own reality whether consciously or unconsciously.  It is our current attitudes and beliefs that shape our experiences and determine who and what we draw into our lives.  Many of you have heard of the Law of Attraction with the popularity of The Secret.

Conscious creation is incredibly empowering. It puts you in charge of your life, which is how it should be. Life isn't something that just happens to you. With visualization, you use your senses to see it, feel it, etc. and eventually it manifests in your life.  Believe it and it's yours.

Creative Visualization Workshop 
Please join us Saturday & Sunday, August 19 & 20, 2017 from 10:00 am  to 5:00 pm for an intensive, positive program facilitated by Tina Pineiro, CI that will teach you simple skills to increase real change in your life. 

Is this workshop right for YOU? 

  •  Do you have personal or business goals and dreams that seem out of reach? 
  • Are you frustrated by patterns of your behavior that interfere with your best interests? 
  • Are you stuck? Do you want to profoundly change? 
  • Are economic challenges or other anxieties overwhelming you with fear to the point that you are inefficient in your life work? 

What you will learn how to:

  • Use visualization techniques to achieve personal and business goals
  • Change limiting, unwanted behaviors and habits
  • Identify negative thoughts and self talk
  • Replace negativity with positive thoughts and self-talk
  • Work from faith instead of fear
  • Work towards manifesting your desires

What you will get:

  • Creative Visualization workshop
  • Creative Visualization Hypnosis CD
  • Goal Achievement Worksheets
  • Healing Meditations and Daily Affirmations
  • A Vision Board
  • A Certificate of Completion

Creative Visualization uses techniques of mindfulness and guided imagery to help participants learn to identify and change repetitive fears and negative “self talk.”  Athletes and top performers have used these techniques for years to improve their performance, and you can learn these same techniques to reach your goals and change self-restricting or destructive behaviors. Creative visualization enriches any self-help program by involving both the left and right sides of the brain. The concepts are easy to understand and practice. 

Participants have successfully learned these techniques to change behaviors such as underachievement in work, career change, blocks in personal relationships, and reducing feelings of anxiety and sadness.  Using artistic mediums, hypnosis, affirmations, healing and of course, visualization, we will bring your goals and desires to life and experience them with all your senses.  

For addition information, please call  (800) 827-0339. The program is held at Tina Pineiro Hypnosis, 1718 East Street, Honesdale PA  18431

Sign up for this important workshop.  Please note that you will have to register prior to attending. For all information and registration, please call 800 827 0339 or 570 352 3048.

Workshop fee:  $249 at door, $199 if paid in advance

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Creative Visualization